5 Common Signs of Transmission Failure

5 Common Signs of Transmission FailureOne of the most intricate systems in your vehicle is the transmission. It is designed to transfer the power created by the engine to the wheels, via the driveshaft. If your transmission fails you may end up not being able to move your vehicle at all! Here are five common signs of potential transmission failure that you should be aware of so that you can get to the shop before you end up stranded.

Slow Response

If the automatic transmission in your vehicle doesn't shift smoothly and pauses between gears you likely have low transmission fluid levels. You can determine if your car is having this sort of trouble by watching to see if the RPMs escalate greatly between gears or when you first putting the car in drive.

Burning Clutch Smell

Some manual transmission problems can be attributed to a clutch issue. If you smell the clutch burning, which smells the same as when you burn the clutch as you learn to drive a manual transmission, you likely need a new clutch plate or a simple clutch adjustment.

Grinding Noise

The transmission is designed to shift smoothly so if you hear any grinding noise there is a more than likely not enough transmission fluid being circulated. Seek out a local mechanic to have the problem properly diagnosed and repaired.

Pops Out of Gear

Your automatic or manual transmission should never pop out of gear or shift erratically while driving down the road. An automatic transmission may shift between gears when it is unnecessary and a manual transmission may slip into neutral unannounced if your transmission is not operating properly.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Most transmission problems can be caused by a lack of transmission fluid. If you notice a puddle of red liquid in your driveway, or anywhere your car has been parked for awhile, you've just discovered a leak. Call your mechanic right away as driving with a leak will only lead to bigger problems.

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